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Hola! How would you translate CEO? As in the CEO of a company? The dictionary said "director" but that word in Spanish can mean the manager of different things. Gracias in advance.

  • Posted Apr 20, 2010
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CEO is not translated literally, CEO in Spanish is Maxima Autoridad Ejecutiva. At least that is the term as I know it in Bolivia. Literally in English it means Highest Executive Authority.

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CEP = Consejero Executivo Principal might be a possibility.

principal (most important) chief executive, (comercio) -> chief executive officer -> consejero(a)

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For those that don't know spanish the answer for CEO is:

Consejera (o) Ejecutiva (o) Officializada (o)

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I have seen CEO (Chief Executive Officer) as Consejero delegado (Es) o Director ejecutivo (LAm)

CEO; miembro del consejo en quien delega sus funciones el Presidente, convirtiéndose en el máximo responsable tras él. Es el responsable de tomar las decisiones para alcanzar los objetivos estratégicos de la empresa.

I hope this will help you


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