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Is "jeje" the Spanish equivalent of "Ha Ha" in English? Or does is stand for something else (similar to LOL = "Laugh Out Loud" in English)?

  • Posted Apr 13, 2010
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  • ok! podemos inventar un acrónimo para lol.. qué te parece mrmf(me río muy fuerte) - fjfuentesh Jun 24, 2011 flag
  • mmdr--Me muero de risa! - fjfuentesh Jun 24, 2011 flag

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In my opinion, jeje= hehe, jaja = haha. They don't stand for L O L

  • I agree. - NikkiLR Apr 13, 2010 flag
  • I thought about hehe first, but I was not sure. - danrivera Apr 13, 2010 flag
  • Fidalgo! LOL was being given as an example here I think. Anyway I always thought LOL stood for Lots of Love! - caza Apr 13, 2010 flag
  • L O L = Lots of Love! Great, Caza :) - Fidalgo Apr 13, 2010 flag
  • I have never heard the "Lots of Love" translation, but I guess it could be cute in a text message. - danrivera Apr 13, 2010 flag
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usually jajajajaja I asked a former boyfriend, native Spanish speaker 'what is lol' in Spanish. That was his answer.

  • "jaja" is not a translation of "Lol" but they have the same function to describe one's laugh - Fidalgo Apr 13, 2010 flag
  • I think lol is universal, at least in my limited experience. - chica_rica Apr 13, 2010 flag
  • No, your experience is unlimited. :) - Fidalgo Apr 13, 2010 flag
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Yes, Spanish J resembles the English H.

  • It's useful to remember that "J" is pronounced "hota" and written "jota" the "j" havoing an "h" sound - lagartijaver Apr 13, 2010 flag
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Of course, just like "ja, ja" is not "je,je", as pointed by Spudatodubs, neither is "ji,ji", nor "jo, jo" - the latter being mostly the domain of San Nicolás.

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►I think this wikipedia page can help you.


In the following section of the page

Commonly used equivalents in other languages

they write that


jajajá: in Spanish, the letter "j" is pronounced "h" .

jejeje: in the Philippines is used to represent "hehehe". As in Spanish, "j" is pronounced as "h". Its origins can be traced to SMS language. It is widely used in a Filipino youth subculture known as Jejemons


►On our dictionary, you can see the following definition of

[¡ja, ja, ja!][2] or [¡je, je, je!][3]

Exclamation, denoting laughter.

► Or another page on wikitionary jajajá

►We can conclude that "ja, ja, ja" can function like "L O L" or "ha ha" in English (however, it is not a literal translation of "L O L", but "haha")

[2]: http://www.spanishdict.com/translate/¡ja, ja, ja! [3]: http://www.spanishdict.com/translate/¡je, je, je!

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JA JA is not jeje

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I believe so!

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jeje would be pronounced hay hay... so for haha you would write jaja and for hehe you would write jiji

  • I was thinking along these same lines, too. However, I have not seen "jiji" on here, but I have seen "jeje" and "jaja". - danrivera Apr 14, 2010 flag
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I wonder, does Spanish have a shorthard equivilent of "LOL" then, or would that be "jeje"? Are there other Spanish shorthand (texting-type) acronyms?

  • My native language is Spanish, and no, we don't have any type of shorthand for it. We use LOL too, or jajaja or xD. - helliott13 Dec 18, 2015 flag
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