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I tried to make this sentence without any translator.. to get past my level of understanding I need to learn basic sentence structure..

Can you please confirm this sounds right or not?

I meant to say "I am learning to speak in Spanish"


  • Posted Apr 10, 2010
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No, it isn't correct.

"Yo soy aprendo hablar en español" literally means "I am I learn to speak in Spanish."

The "yo soy" is superfluous.

"Aprendo hablar en español" (if your learning, but not at the moment that you're saying this sentence) or "Estoy aprendiendo hablar en español" (if you're learning as you say this sentence) both mean "I'm learning to speak in Spanish."

  • Estoy can be used as "I am" I thought it works for feelings, eg; Feliz, Bien, Triste, Consado - toxsickshaun Apr 10, 2010 flag
  • It is used for feelings, or "conditions." but, it is also used when speaking in the present progressive (any conjugation with a gerund). - hithere3387 Apr 11, 2010 flag
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You are very close!

Instead of using the ser for "I am doing..." or "He is doing..." you should use estar. Also, you need to conjugate the verb just a little differently.

Estoy aprendiendo hablar español.

Take ten minutes to watch this video lesson and I think you´ll understand it perfectly.

1.12 - Clothing and the Present Progressive

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Soy is used to denote who you are as a person, so you must say, Estoy aprendiendo hablar el español.

IE, Soy valiente....I am brave

Estoy caminando....I am walking

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Yes I am only up to level 1.10 jejeje More listening and study!!!!

thanks so much everyone.....

your patience is appreciated and valued high on this site. Learning a new Language is an Important task and a very difficult one.

I had to learn Thai language because I live in Thailand currently.. jejeje this language does have it's own set of characters and nothing i've ever seen.. it's got approx 140 symbols. :(

But I am finding Spanish totally easier to remember and read, just the end's of the words is most difficult.

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