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Will you please explain this ending of an e-mail: 'Te mando un beso'. I understand the meaning but is it something personal or not? They say that Latin Americans are passionate people and such words don't mean anything personal. Or do they?

  • Posted Apr 10, 2010
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5 Answers

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I've been on exchange in Argentina and my experience was that everyone you've met a couple of times can send you 'te mando un beso'. They say it to everyone to show that they're friends. smile

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that phrase is very common in e-mails and is used with someone that you have been talking with for a long time or with people you appreciate. it is not personal just friendly and kind of polite. you have nothing to worry about unless they write te amo.... just kidding smile

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I have seen this thrown around much.

I believe it is a friendly goodbye.

I think it can mean more depending who it is from! but they will change it around and include other cute things for a more personal touch..

I get a "te dejo un beso mua"

I leave you a Kiss.. MUA I am confused about the level of personal attachment to this statement

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When a person tells you command a kiss is because that person insurance wants you to much or you can see if it is a personal because it tells you that you want to but is nothing worrying quiet LOL smile smirk

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As a mexican, I'll tell you beware of "te mando un beso" cause it is can mean more than just signing off the email with beso or besos, which is totally friend-only. This phrase can be interpreted both ways, but it depends more on the personality of the person who writes it. I've had several female friends writing this without meaning anything, but that is because they are quite corny, where as if a guy writes this, for sure it tries to be more than friendly

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