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Does anyone have any good Spanish 500 Verbs book recommendations? Which is the best?

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Hi Joel.

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I like the Practice Makes Perfect series for practicing verb conjugation and sentence building. There are several books on Spanish grammar, verbs, subjunctive, etc. in this series.

  • I'm using their pronouns book. Love it. - Goyo Apr 9, 2010 flag
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To me it came down to the classic, 501 Spanish Verbs, and the newer challenger, The Big Red Book of Spanish verbs. Allegedly, Big Red was written as an improvement over 501.

The books are very similar. In the end, I sat down with a copy of each and compared the two side by side. I walked out of the store with Big Red, even though it cost me $2 more. It won because it had more usage examples.

I'm a little mad that it didn't include Haber as one of the top 50 verbs. (501 does) But other than that, I'm happy with my choice and trust that the authors had some good reason for doing that the way they did.

I don't think you will go wrong if you choose either one of them.

I still use the conjugation page on SpanishDict far more often than I use my verb book, but it's nice to have it in that format.

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Most "verb" books are all the same so any one will do. Studying and use are the most important things!! smile

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If you are looking just for conjugations 500 Verbs will do, but if you are looking for advice on how to use the various tenses, you will need something more.

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I highly and definitely recommend Spanish Verb Manual: Correct Conjugation and Regional Use by Alfredo González Hermoso. It is a deceptively slim manual (which makes it highly portable) compared to the conjugation 500 books, but is superior because the way it is laid out is very conducive to actually learning how to conjugate verbs. Sadly it is currently out of print but there are copies available that aren't priced too outrageously (not too many though).

Instead of listing an x number of verbs and every conjugation for those verbs, Hermoso lists only 82 verbs with complete conjugation for every tense. All irregular conjugations are highlighted in red like how the verb conjugation tables are on this site. Then there are some 2000+ verbs with short definitions listed in alphabetical order that references one of the 82 verb models with any further irregular forms noted. I find it helpful for remembering a new verb's conjugation by knowing it follows the exact pattern as a verb I already know how to conjugate. Additionally the book also includes chapters on idioms, regional usage of verbs, and an alphabetical listing of verbs and prepositions commonly used with them.

  • You can find this book at 'abebooks.com'but is quite pricy,I guess because of rarity!! - faliron Dec 24, 2011 flag
  • Cheapest currently I found is through amazon for about $24 (including shipping). - Jellybean199 Dec 26, 2011 flag
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I have the " Big Red Book " and I have thumbed it to pieces , I find it

invaluable , I need a companion Dictionary though , the one I have is too small.

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I have webster's, which I like a lot and would recommend. There are lots of examples of usage and at the back there are hundreds of other verbs though they are not conjugated, which some publishers don't do.

they are all pretty much the same though, verbs are verbs.

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Do either the 501 Verbs or Big Red Book have the pronunciation of words? I'm reading that the Big Red Book doesn't?

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