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Would you say, "medio poco hecho" to order a steak medium rare?

  • looks like you could use poco, but not necessary to do so. - adecker Apr 8, 2010 flag

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Para mí puede ser:

Casi crudo

Término medio 1/2 (también he oído "en su punto")

Tres cuartos 3/4

Bien hecho/cocido

Hope this helps...

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I'd lose the "poco", medio hecho should work

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no muy cocido.

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No . the correct way is "poco hecho" , if you like the steak still having blood , or " muy hecho" , if you like it like a shoe leather . If you dont say nothing , the waiter is going to understand you want it medium .

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I think it might depend where you are. In my experience here in southern Spain they say "medio hecho" for medium to well-done, "bien hecho" for well done and "medio punto" for medium rare. HOWEVER, what the chefs around here call medium rare would be described as rare in the UK and what they serve as "punto" (rare) would be described as blue in the UK - what some people describe as "a good vet could get that back on its feet" wink

  • The way i have explain , is how we say at north of country . I agree with you , thats 's depending of the zone where you're . - Bunbury Apr 8, 2010 flag
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