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My question is-

Is there any difference between la poeta and la poetisa? I do know that both are correct, but I hear that la poetisa is used more. Is this another regional thing?

My name has always been la poeta, and until now I had never heard the other term... and its kind of growing on me...jeje.

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  • Thanks Heidita, hey, if you are up for it, I posted a poem that I could use some help with. :) - NikkiLR Apr 7, 2010 flag

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"Poeta" is a person who writes poems - generic term. "Poetisa" is specifically a woman who write poetry - so it definitely should be appropriate for you!

Appart from that, I suppose that which term is used is largely a matter of choice and preference. The Dictionary of the RAE does not discriminate.

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Bueno, bien mirado, Ricardo, en este caso, la palabra es feminista no machista, al fina y al cabo termina en awink

el poeta/ la poetawink

Poetisa es más bien un término "poético", algo finolis, diría yo, se habla normalmente de poeta.

Por ejemplo, Antología de Poetas Españolas Contemporáneas

Resultados 1 - 10 de aproximadamente 6.550 de "poetas españolas"

Resultados 1 - 10 de aproximadamente 3.620 de "poetisas españolas.

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When refering to a woman you should say "la poetisa".

Refer to my thread about ¿Es el español un idioma machista? a while ago. Thanks.

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Thanks guys! I appreciate the help. If anyone is still up for it, I have a poem floating around here called Alma Abatida that still needs some proofing. wink I posted it here, but really didn't get any replies... downer

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