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I could not understand what it means "en carne propia" and could not find it from dictionary. Anyone can help me?

  • Posted Apr 7, 2010
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4 Answers

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It literally means "in their own flesh". It sort of gives the idea of experiencing something in a very personal way, not observing what happened, but going through it yourself. You could interpret it this way (not an exact translation, but carries the same connotation):

They experienced first hand the effects of the 8.8 earthquake.

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looks like it means " in our own flesh" in the flesh , in our being

LIike a deep visceral experience of going through a trauma of such magnitude.

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En carne propia:

Lo he vivido/sufrido en carne propia - I've been through it/suffered it.

e9 is correct and I take it that this is just an idiom or saying using carne in this manner.

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Less emotive it would be "at first hand" in English - I guess.

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