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What is the English translaction of don in don José. I belive it is a term of respect???

  • Posted Apr 4, 2010
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After a little research i found that it is also used as a show of great respect, younger people addressing their elders. Also used by anyone in reference to a persons status, as a lawyer, doctor, leader ect... i think it was used widely in the past, and not as much today..

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Something like "Master" perhaps. He usually is the owner of something and employs people, by which he is called "Don whatever" He may also just be a community leader or a noble.

Oh and a woman is "Doña"

  • También, puede decir, tiene un don (like he has a gift for something, like a master, como ha dicho dandi). - Kerri Apr 4, 2010 flag
  • sí tienes razón:) - 003487d6 Apr 4, 2010 flag
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It is that.

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