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En la frase "El narrador es extradiegético y relata la manera en que una mujer fue asesinada a golpes por su esposo."; que quiere decir la palabra "extradiegetico"?

  • Posted Apr 3, 2010
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2 Answers

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I googled the word "diegetico" (taking off the "extra") and found that it's an Italian word derived from the Greek word diegetikos.

The word can mean 1) the (fictional) world in which the situations and events narrated occur; and 2) the telling, recounting, as opposed to showing, enacting.

I'm still not sure how this relates to your sentence that says "the narrator was "extradiegetico."

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You may wish to see this page from Wikipedia, where just past half way down the page there is a reference to' "El narrador en tercera persona o extradiegético".

Here is the hyperlink ----> Narrador


I may be wrong but I understood it to mean an independant non-emotional narrational reporter of facts who has neither involvement nor personal interest in a story.

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