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Que es un "verbo preterito"

  • Posted Apr 2, 2010
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San Juan, both the preterito and the imperfecto are past tenses. The difference is in what you want to express.

Preterite - a completed finished action.

You fui al cine esta tarde. I went to the movie this afternoon.

Imperfect - repeated, habitual actions, no way to verify how many times.

Cuando era niña, ibamos a la playa todos los días.

When I was a child, we used to go to the beach every day.

This is a very simplistic explanation. I suggest that you go to the grammar part of the Spanishdict reference section for a more complete idea of how these two tenses work

Good luck..

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verb preterito-verb in the simple past

Here's the reference article on the preterit (simple past).

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pretérito prefecto simple

pretérito imperfecto

the préterito part of the name in Spanish just means past and is used in many Spanish tenses. So the word preterite (or preterit) in English is a tense, but not in Spanish.

e.g. pretérito perfecto compuesto=present perfect in English

e.g. pretérito anterior=(preterite of haber+past participle) past perfect in English

When you become more familiar with Spanish's two indicative past tenses, you will find that the perfecto, imperfecto (complete, not complete) is the more important part of the tense title.

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