Challenge; Write down as many radical changing (in the present tense) verbs you can, try to put in ones that haven't been said already. I'll start;
Pensar - to think,
Empezar - to begin,
Volver - to return,
Dormir - to sleep, Contar - to count,
Costar - to cost,
Almorzar - to have lunch/a snack,
Jugar - to play,
Encontrar - to meet,
Mentir - to lie,
Merender - to have lunch Mover - to move,
Negar - to deny,
Pedir - to ask for,
Perder - to lose,
Poder - to be able to,
Recordar - to remember,
Cerrar - to close, Querer - to want,
Sentir - to feel,
Seguir - to follow,
Reír - to laugh,
Temblar - to tremble,
elegir - to choose.

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2 Answers



Acontecer -to happen

Acordar -to agree

Acostar -to put to bed

Agradecer -to be thankful for

Alentar -to encourage

Amanecer -to dawn

Aparecer -to appear

Apostar -to bet

Aprobar -to pass an exam

Atender -to attend to

Atravesar -to cross

Atraer -to attract, to lure

Bendecir -to bless

Caber -to fit

Caer -to fall

Calentar -to warm up

Colgar -to hang

Comenzar -to begin

Componer -to compose

Concertar -to agree on

Concordar -to coincide with

Conducir -to drive

Conseguir -to get

Constituir -to constitute

Construir -to construct, to build

Contener -to contain

Contribuir -to contribute

Convencer -to convince

Convenir -to suit

Convergir -to converge

Convertir -to convert; Corregir -to correct

Crecer -to grow

Dar -to give

Decir -to say

Desagradecer -to be unthankful for

Desaparecer - to disappear

Descender -to descend

Destruir -to destruct

Derretir -to melt

Detener -to stop

Devolver -to give back

Dirigir -to direct

Disminuir -to disminish

Distribuir -to distribute

Divergir -to diverge

Divertir -to amuse

Doler -to hurt

Dormir -to sleep

Ejercer -to excercise

Encender -to light

Enflaquecer -to get thin

Enriquecer -to enrich

Entretener -to entertain

Envejecer -to get old

Estar -to be

Establecer -to establish

Exigir -to demand

Exponer -to expose

Extender -to extend

Extinguir -to extinguish

Fingir -to fake

Florecer -to florish

Fortalecer -to strengthen

Freír -to fry

Guiar -to guide

Gobernar -to govern

Haber -to have (there is/are)

Hacer -to do

Herir -to injure

Hervir -to boil

Huir -to fleed

Incluir -to include

Inducir -to induce

Influir -to infuence

Introducir -to introduce

Invertir -to invert

Ir -to go

Llover -to rain

Mantener -to maintain

Medir -to measure

Merecer -to deserve

Merendar -to have a snack

Morir -to die

Mostrar -to show

Nacer -to be born

Nevar -to snow

Obedecer -to obbey

Obtener -to obtain

Ofrecer -to offer

Oír -to hear

Oler -to smell

Oponer -to set up

Padecer -to suffer

Parecer -to seem, to appear

Permanecer -to remain

Perseguir -to pursue

Pertenecer -to belong

Predecir -to predict

Presentir -to have a premonition of

Prever -to foresee

Probar -to taste, to test

Proponer -to propose

Proseguir -to continue

Proteger -to protect

Poner -to put

Quebrar -to break

Recoger -to pick up

Recomendar -to recommend

Reconocer -to recognize

Referir -to refer

Regar -to water

Regir -to rule

Rehacer -to redo

Rehusar -to refuse

Renacer -to be reborn

Renovar -to renew

Reñir -to quarrel

Repetir -to repeat

Rogar -to plead, to beg

Saber -to know

Salir -to leave

Satisfacer -to satisfy

Sentar -to sit

Ser -to be

Servir -to serve

Soler -to be accustomed to

Sonar -to ring

Sonreír -to smile

Soñar -to dream

Sostener -to sustain

Sugerir -to suggest

Suponer -to suppose

Surgir -to arrise

Sustituir -to substitute

Tener -to have

Torcer -to twist

Traducir -to translate

Traer -to bring

Tropezar -to stumble

Valer -to be worth

Vencer -to conquer

Venir -to come

Ver -to see

Volar -to fly

Vestir -to dress

Volver -to return

Yacer -to lie down



Students: these are also known as stem-changing or "boot" verbs!

preferir--to prefer

entender--to understand

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