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This may be a dumb question, but it is still one I'm curious about. On George Lopez' sitcom, he often refers to women as, (Pardon the spelling, i have no clue how to spell it. I'm simply spelling it the way it sounds.) "Sasque". The only time I've ever heard a word that sounds like this is in Japanese, the word being "Sasuke". Now I'm pretty sure he isn'tusing a Japanese term on his show, so what's up? What is he saying? I cannot find it anywhere. Thanks for any answer you all may have.

  • Posted Mar 29, 2010
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I'm pretty sure that's "¿Sabes qué?" - "(You) know what?"

It's common in informal, familiar speech to mush the two words together. I've only seen that show a handful of times, but I remember that it figured often in the dialogue. I do not think it's being used to refer to female characters. I think the more likely explanation is that you just happen to see it being used when he is replying to one of them. As in: "But you know what? I don't agree... etc.."

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I can imagine he might have used the word "squaw" (I'm not sure how to spell it either) which is from a native american language. I've seen it used in comics a lot but I have understood it is a derogatory term that carries the same sentiment as using the word b**** to refer to a woman.

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