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I was wonder how to say "housekeeping" like in a hotel. I checked the dictionary and the translator and I got a number of strange responses that may or may not be correct. What is the correct way to say it?

  • Posted Mar 28, 2010
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You could use "tareas" or "tareas domésticas" or "quehaceres" or "quehaceres domésticas" which also means tasks or things to do. Also "trabajo de la casa". I've mainly heard "tareas" used. cool smile

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Whenever I have worked in stores or shops where a restroom is available to customers and it was time to perform housekeeping or janitorial duties in the ladies' room, say at end of day or shift, as a male one knocks on the door and clearly announces either "housekeeping" or "maintenance" before entering... having a number of Spanish-speaking clients in this particular area, I found it necessary to also say something in Spanish as well, hence "mantenimiento" had always worked for me in that situation... perhaps someone else can share a more appropriate word that females (only understanding Spanish) would readily recognize before a man "barges in" on personal business?

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[¿portero ~ conserje ~ u otro?]

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In Colombia we say : 'oficios domésticos'

Cheers Ivy2937

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Tareas domesticas



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