For example; quiero el dinero= lo quiero. Necesitamos los cuadernos=los necesitamos.

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The direct object pronoun answers "whom" or "what" after the verb.

Quiero el libro. What do you want? el libro Necesito un lapiz. What do you need? the pencil

The direct object pronouns mirror the articles except for el which becomes lo.

Marcos compra la pluma. La compra.

Sara come las uvas. Las come.

Marcos lleva las pantalones. Las lleva.

Yo quiere el pastel. Lo quiere.

I hope this helps along with the video and the reference section.

  • "whom" or "what" after the verb, actually. - samdie Mar 25, 2010
  • You're correct, of course. Thanks. - Delores--Lin Mar 25, 2010


Watch this short video and you will understand. Lesson 2.3 Parties with Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns. If you still have questions, post them here.

You can also find information about pronouns by clicking on More, then Refernece, then Spanish Grammar.

Good luck.

Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns