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Do you say "hablo pequito espanol "or "hablo poco espanol"

  • Posted Mar 23, 2010
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2 Answers

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Poco means a little. The 'ito' is a diminutive ending used to say something is actually even smaller or less.

Poco - little Poco - very little

  • so is pequito commen when talking abotu your childhood? or children? and it would be hablo pocp espano? - bagel6 Mar 23, 2010 flag
  • It is spelled - poquito. - h1deaway Mar 23, 2010 flag
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Poco is not used to refer to the size of a person. It is really used to refer to volume or amount of something.

For example, you would not say, "Cuando fui poco" to say "When I was small."

Hablo poco español is the way I hear it said here in Colombia.

In case you didn't see my other comment, it is spelled poquito.

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