a friend recently said.. gracias y makasih? what makasih? | SpanishDict Answers
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i just want to know what makasih is.. i assume its a corrupted word as the message was texted to me.. but i have no idea what it means and am a bit embarrassed to ask the young lady who sent it..smile

please help

  • Posted Mar 22, 2010
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  • is that a spanish word or just a phonetic writing? - Silvia Mar 22, 2010 flag

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'MaKasih' is Thanks in Indonesian

'Terima Kasih' is thank you

Terima kasih banyak is Thank you very much.

  • http://survivalphrases.com/pdfs/SurvivalPhrases_Indonesian_S1L01.pdf - Benz Mar 22, 2010 flag
  • Selamat malam perampuan, terima kasih! Kasih also means "Love" Ten viadad. - ray76 Mar 22, 2010 flag
  • Sorry ! I meant "Ten cuidado" I realy must learn Spanish , or Va menos rapídos. - ray76 Mar 22, 2010 flag
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