My friends nick name is pocket jew, referring to her being short and jewish and hypothetically (not literally) could fit in a pocket. not referring to the holocaust or soviet union terms.

  • well i rather appreciate the information on the term. I realize how immature it is and was unaware. My apologies if i offended you or anyone reading this post. It was not meant as a reference to the holocaust or soviet union terms, but that she is pocket - spanish_iris Mar 22, 2010
  • sized. thus where it comes from. - spanish_iris Mar 22, 2010

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Like Fidalgo, I cannot be invited to reply and just be silent. As Fidalgo has pointed out, the term you are applying to your female friend caries the dark shadow of a slur. If she is your friend and you are aware of the risk of insult (harassment), I urge you to stop using the term in either English or Spanish. As you may know, a slur does not become fun because many people use it. Onlookers may be offended when you least expect it (like here). I accept the innocent harmlessness of your previous behaviour and your enquiry, but, I urge you to make a sudden change.

  • Mar 22, 2010
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  • Te acuerdo! - Fidalgo Mar 22, 2010


Pocket Jews is a concept derived from Russian word карманные евреи.

In Spanish, I think it should be bolsa de judias or judia bolsa

You should view something here.

  • At least this is my opinion and may not be correct - Fidalgo Mar 22, 2010
  • this phrase is new to me, checked your web ref, so it is like 'being in the pocket of someone' - MiguelitoNZ Mar 22, 2010