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My boyfriend, who is from Honduras, said to me, "me encanta." I thought that meant "I love you" but wasn't sure so I asked him. He said it meant that he was very happy with me. Can me encanta mean just I like you a lot, or does it really mean love?

  • If he´s using the "usted" form of address, he is probably not declaring his "love". - samdie Mar 22, 2010 flag

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I think it means much more than happy. Our dictionary confirms your thoughts,

encantar = to love


encantar transitive verb 1. (gustar)

* encantarle a alguien algo/hacer algo -> to love something,

doing something * ¡me encanta! -> I love it/him/her!

  1. to bewitch, to cast a spell on (embrujar)

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encantar [en-can-tar'] article & verb transitive 1. To enchant, to charm, to conjure, to bewitch, to cast a spell on (con magia). 2. To fascinate, to delight in a high degree.

* Nos encanta la casa -> we are delighted with the house

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It can be as innocuous as ""Charmed".

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Me encanta could translate as... I am mad about you. It is often used about something you are very keen on. I am mad about Beethoven so I would say 'Me encanta Beethoven.

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"Me encanta verte y poder estar cerca de ti."

What would you translate this like then...? I understand it like: I like to spend time with you.

But can it be ment romanticly??

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If he said "te amo" that means he loves as a boyfriend. "Te quiero" would mean he loves you as a friend/sister/cousin. "Me encanta" is just him saying he likes you a lot

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He said it meant that he was very happy with me.

As an attorney friend might say: Asked and answered. However, he may be happy with you BECAUSE he loves you!!

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I think it´s a very personal choice how far you can get saying ¨Usted me encanta¨ instead of ¨La amo¨. If he´s so formal as to address you as usemphasized textted despite his apparent strong feelings, he´s probably so shy he would say Usted me encanta meaning I love you.

But, in the end, what´s in a word?

What's in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet."

I think you had the answer before asking wink

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Me encanta can be used in different fields but in this case means he loves you and he really enjoy to be with you.

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The way I learned it, me gusta is "I like" and me encanta is "I Love".

Me gusta la pan I like bread.

Me encanta la pan. I love bread.

cool smile

  • Hi the correct way to say it, is, Me gusta EL pan, and me ecanta El pan :) :) - Milagro1983 Oct 27, 2010 flag
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Me encanta... means "I love it"... he could love being with you, he loves something about you... or something like that.

I never address my girlfriend with "usted", that would be extremely weird... but since he is from a country in South America that might be normal...

if that's the case he's saying he likes you

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