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Hi there,

What does bamanos (Bama-nos) & listoe (Lees-toe)means? I am sorry I dont even know the correct spellings for these words. Please can someone explain. Thanks!!! Omer

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Vamanos - Let's go!. Listo = Ready or clever. Estoy listo = I'm ready. Soy listo = I'm clever.

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I am just a beginner too and I would like to suggest that you should try to get a book, any book actually, on learning basic Spanish as you learn the language through audio lessons. That way it will be easier for you to match the sounds with their written forms. I think "vámonos" and "listo" are some of the early words you will encounter in basic Spanish books.

  • Having asked the local mechanic if my car 'es listo', I'll never forget how to say it properly!! - aeroplod Mar 22, 2010 flag
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