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How do I say "cool" in Spanish? Not cool as in cold, but cool as in "That car is so cool!"

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This question has come up before. Check out this thread.

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In Argentina:

Qué bueno!! Qué buen auto!!

Buenísimo!! Cool!!

Qué copado!! How cool!!

Genial!! or Qué genial!!

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In Mexico you might say: "Ese carro está bien padre." or "Ese carro está bien chido" -It's been my observation that "chido" is more street slang than "padre" which is still slang but a bit more average.

Calvo's link is great.

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In México "¡Que chido!

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Well cool in the spanish dictionary (i.e. for being hip, trendy, and laid back) means: "onda."

So: She's really cool. = Está muy en la onda.

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  • I think cool is more general, "en la onda" is something like "that has a good wave" - ismarodri_uy Mar 22, 2010 flag
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Ole means yay. it's close enough to cool.

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If further research desired. At the top of the page there's a more heading and in it I found there's a phrasebook section it might be in there.

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It appears that "cool" is said in a different way depending on where you are. Does anyone know how it is expressed in Spain?

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In all countries:

Qué bueno!!



"that car is so cool"

"qué bueno está ese auto!"

In Argentina:

"ese auto está rebueno!"

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Ismarodri, please do not use swear words on this site.

In Spain, Rikko,

Esto es guay, fenomenal, genial, grande.

Esto mola mucho,.

Esto es una pasada!

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En Chile.. (In Chile ...)

Para los que pertenecemos a la generación los ochentas y noventas: ¡Que choro! (For the people that belong to the 80's and 90's generation we say: ¡Que choro!)

En cuanto a la generación del 2000, acostumbramos a decir. Bacán, BKN, Bakan (According to the 2000 generation, they say: Bacán, BKN, Bakan)

"Está la raja" se usa bastante. grin ("Está la raja" is also used bery much. grin )

Saludos a todos. (Cheers to all.)

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I've heard fresco but I think that might mean cool as in fresh.

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Chido, Cheverre. raspberry

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Que chido! Ese carro esta bien machín!

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How to say "cool" in Spanish. That's simple. What's your name? Use that to say cool. smile

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