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when you want to say i am very depressed, do you say "yo soy muy deprimido" or "yo soy mucho deprimido"?

thanks for your help!!!

  • Posted Mar 21, 2010
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4 Answers

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Estoy muy deprimido.

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Because you're female you'd say:

Estoy muy deprimida.

  • did u just assume its gender thats racist keys - uraveragefag Oct 3, 2016 flag
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You use estoy because, hopefully, you are not permanently depressed. You use estoy for a Position, locaiton, action, condition, or emotion. Yo Soy would be used if the description was permanent, Like Yo Soy de los Estados Unidos. (I am from the United States). Use Yo Soy if it is a description, occupation, characteristic, time, orgin, or relationship.

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Neither... It's "Yo estoy muy deprimido."

:D Or you can say "deprimidísimo" to make it fancier (extremely depressed)!!

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