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just curious to know the meaning.. I hear the phrase almost everyday, (& have heard it from Mexican & Puerto Rican conversation; not sure if theres a language difference-) just wanna know the accurate definition before I repeat it, haha. & if anyone has any quick, (GOOD-TASTiNG), & non-expensive Spanish/Mexican/PuertoRican recipes; I would appreciate the wisdom (; [Some information about my style&taste; to help with recipes:] I'm American (CAUCASiAN) but I've grown up around almost every race... I'm extremely infatuated with Mexican cuisine, (I've heard there's a big difference) I've already mastered 3-4 different entrees; but I'm eager to learn more! Knowledge is the key to success & happiness, so enlighten me =D

ps- I do NOT have very much Spicy "Tolerance" so I prefer the recipes without a large supply of jalepenos, habeneros, etc.! (one jalepeno per dish is enough for me!)

p.s.s- any people who are fluently bilingual with Spanish&English; that know any cute/affectionate slang phrases, feel free to include them, as long as you put the definition too (:

Thank you! I appreciate ALL positive input wink Katie

  • Posted Mar 21, 2010
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"Guey" actually means "dumb ox" and is an insult. However, used between good friends, this term becomes a way of saying that you belong to the "inside crowd". The best example is the "N" word. You could never call an African American the "N" word if you are Caucasian, but if you were his best friend or another African American, you could address him as such without repercussion. It has almost become a term to indicate you belong. So it is with the term "Guey". Do not use the term lightly as it can be an insult. Never use it with anyone older than you. Never use it in a professional setting. I would suggest you study its usage before attempting its use. I have heard the term successfully used by one Caucasian individual and his Mexican friends loved it, but you are well advised to use it in the appropriate situation only.

  • "Buey" is Ox. "Guey" is the bastardized version, invented by "callejeros" of Mexico. - JulianChivi Mar 21, 2010 flag
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"Orale, güey" This is an incredibly common phrase used between men, ecspecially Mexican men. That's not to say that woman can't say it and I certainly have, when hanging out with male friends but it is not something that women generally say.

Orale can mean everything that mountaingirl said but in a very slangy way like "heck, yeah" or "Right on" see urbandictionary It is also used as a general interjection.

I've always heard that, technically, "güey" means castrated bull. It can absolutely be taken as an insult. As far as I know it is only common slang in Mexico and is used as regularly as "dude" or "man" is here. However, I have met at least one Mexican male who was highly offended by it. I've known many who would say it to other guys without thinking twice about it or meaning to be offensive. However, if a woman says this it will most likely be perceived as an insult unless it is said in a very obviously joking manner to someone who you are close to. I really don't suggest that you add it to your vocabulary. Look it up at urbandictionary.com for a more in depth explanation.

So... Someone says: I'm going to the beach tomorrow. Orale, güey - Right on, dude.

Someone says: My boss is an idiot. Orale, güey (in a sympathetic tone) - I understand, man.

Someone says: Let's go to a club tonight. Orale, güey - Heck yeah, dude.

Someone says: See you later. Orale, güey - Right on, man.

  • I agree it usually means "Heck yeah dude". - jeezzle Mar 21, 2010 flag
  • Heck ya is "a huevo" not guey! - Rey_Mysterio Mar 21, 2010 flag
  • "A huevo, guey" and "Ordale, guey" can both mean something like "heck yeah, dude" - again, a huevo, not something a woman would say - alba3 Mar 21, 2010 flag
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I think it's "Órale güey" but I'm a little confused as to how it is used.

Ask him, dude.

Ask her, dude.

Pray, dude.

Or something else, maybe? Alba would be a good one to ask.

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Welcome to the forum!

You will get more response if you only post one topic per post. I know that you were trying to be efficient in your post, but sometimes people only read the first half of a post.

"órale" is slang for things like "I agree", "you're right", "you've got it", "there you go".

Renaerules made a good point about being careful when calling people "guey". For example, in Spain good friends might call each other "imbécil", but it's a word to be used with caution because a mistake in usage would not be a pretty picture!

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Buey is a bull. Guey means fool. Orale wey is slang in mexico for ok fool. Never say the word guey to a female.

  • Maybe in other parts of Mexico it's different, but in Tijuana everybody uses guey, girls use it with each other , guys say it to girls, iand of course guys say it to guys. It's like saying dude. - bigrod Oct 1, 2010 flag
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Here are a couple of favorite recipe websites, both with Mexican food categories. Lots of other websites out there as well.



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If you are interested in recipes, would you join this

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thank all of you

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Maybe you should include your phrase here...


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BTW, I have never heard neither "orale" nor "güey" used in Puerto Rico. Mexican slang is pretty unique. Just my 2 ¢.

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This is a Mexican / Central American term. If you heard a Puerto Rican using it, it's because he was talking to and/or mocking a Mexican and/or his/her slang. Similar to an American doing a British accent and calling a toilet a loo or a trunk a bonnet. Also, the Mexican urban accent is VERY different and just about any native Spanish speaker can pick it out from most others.

Also, Puerto Rican food has little to nothing in common with the cuisine from Mexico & much of Central America. Puerto Rican food is more like Cuban, Dominican or even Jamaican food.

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