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What is the correct way to say "Yes, you can! " in Spanish?

¡Sí, se puede! or ¡Si, usted puede¡

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Subject pronouns generally are not used in Spanish.

Sí, puedes. (informal) Sí, puede. (formal)

Vd. also abbreviated Ud. means Usted

"Sí, se puede." means "Yes, one can." as in "Yes, it can be done."

Se puede fumar aqui. = Smoking allowed here.

Puedes fumar aqui. = You can smoke here.

  • This is my understaning. - Daniel Mar 21, 2010 flag
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Sí, tu puedes o sí, Vd. puede.

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I watched a fight of Juan Manuel Marquez and his Mexican fans were chanting ¡Sí, se puede!

By the way "Soy un fanatico de Dinamita"

and what does vd. mean in the sentence Si, vd. puede?

  • My guess is that it's supposed to be short for "usted". - Gustav-R Mar 21, 2010 flag
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