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sabes estos dias an sido un poco difusiles x mis tu trabajos y porque estoy un poquito enferma pero ya se me esta pasando. como siempre es muy bonito mirar su sonrisa eso me . relaja y me ase sentir muy bien . estan reiajante como mirar una noche el cielo y mirar las estrellas eso me encanta me gusta. todo lo que me ase sentir bien y creo que mis sentimientas siempre me gusta ser. reserbada yo nunca abio c todos aqui de usted. porque se que eso solo es algo entre yo gusta ninguna de las personas que estan que tienen porque saber si es si o no cuando me preguntan de ti solo les digo que eres un hombre.con un buen corazon y que eres guapo y muy nais. pero de ay no pienso contar a nadie mis sentimos creo que es mejor a si. ojalad que ubiera bisto lo hermoso que es e mar y la arena como son las noches todo todo, gracias por pensar en mi y contarme. todo eso tal vez en mi mente olije que trajieras una estrella del mar pero se que no se puede o conchas. me puedes contar como es donde bives si ay arbores y es tranquilo . imajino que es muy bonito y que es un logar yero de paz. ojalad puedas escribir hoy.

  • Posted Mar 19, 2010
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you know these days have been a little hard because my your works and because I'm a little sick but I'm getting better now. as always is very nice to look your smile that relaxes me and makes me feel very well . is so relaxing like to look a night the sky and I believe my feelings I always I like to be. reserved I never speak with everyone here of you. because I know that's a thing only between me I don't like any people there why they have to know if that's yes or no when they ask about you I just say you are a man.with a good heart and you are handsome and very nice. but alas I won't tell anybody my feelings I think is better this way. I hope you to see how beautiful is the sea and the sand how the nights are every every, thanks for thinking about me and to tell me. all of that maybe in my mind I said you to bring me a star from the sea but I know nobody can or shells. you can tell me how is where you live if there are trees and it's calm. I imagine there's very pretty and is a place full of peace. I wish you can write today.

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Parts of this are difficult to translate because of the grammar and spelling but here is my best attempt: You know these days have been a little difficult because of my work and because I'm a little sick but I'm starting to feel better. Like always it's very lovely to see your smile. It relaxes me and makes me feel good. It's relaxing like watching the sky at night and watching the stars. I love that and I like everything that makes me feel good and I think that with my feelings I always like to be reserved. I've never told everyone here about you because I know that that is only something in me. None of the people that are here that have reason to know if it's yes or no ask about you and I just tell them that you are a man with a good heart and that you are handsome and nice but from there I dont think to tell anyone my feelings. I think that it's better that way. I hoped that you had seen how beautiful the sea and the sand are, like the nights, everything complete. Thanks for thinking of me and for telling me all that. Maybe in my mind I'd ask you to bring me a starfish or shells but I know that you can't . You can tell me about how it is where you live if there are trees and if it's peaceful. I imagine that it is very pretty and that it's a place full of peace. I hope that you can write today.

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