How do you say I'm worried about -fill in blank- Is is just estoy preocupado -blank- ?

What if you're worried about doing something? (as in an action) Would you say something like: Estoy preocupado como (I'm worried about eating)?

  • Posted Mar 15, 2010
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It's probably more common to say "such-and-such worries me". For example, "Tests worry me" - "Las pruebas me preocupan." Or "This homework worries me" - "Me preocupa esta tarea" Or - "I am worried about eating this shrimp" - "Me preocupa comer estos camarones/estas gambas".

If you want to directly say "I am worried about..." , you say "Estoy preocupado/a por..." For example, "Estoy preocupado por la crisis mundial" - "I am worried about the world financial situation." Or "Estoy preocupado/a por comer estos camarones/estas gambas"

I hope this has helped!