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What is deveria in Spanish?

  • Posted Mar 15, 2010
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3 Answers

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If the whole sentence was "yo te debería de dar un masage a tu" the spell is not correct.

It should be "Te debería dar un masaje" means "I should give you a massage"

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Can you provide a little context? I am thinking the word may be "debería" which means should or must, but it is heard to tell without context.

Note: the "v" and the "b" are often interchanged by native speakers when they spell because they usually pronounce them the same.

("deveria" is not in the dictionary, therefore it's logical to think this word is "debería" misspelled.)

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  • I think you are right! the whole sentence was written as : 'yo te deberia de dar un masage a tu', is it saying I should give you a massage too? - Ghazalle Mar 15, 2010 flag
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It's "debería"

= "I should"

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