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Can somebody please give me song examples of how you would use this verb. I forget what you call this type of verb with 'se' on the end...

  • Posted Mar 13, 2010
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alt text Alexengijon:

Pedirse is like a number of verbs, characterized by the letters "se" tagged on at the end of the word/verb, referred to as "reflexive" verbs. SpanishDict.com has a reference page that discusses reflexive verbs and the reflexive pronouns used with such verbs. You will find the reference page here ----> Reflexive Verbs.

If you look up "pedirse" in the SpanishDict.com dictionary, (look here ----> Pedir/Pedirse) you will find it listed under "pedir", part of the way down the page, referred to as a pronomial verb. Pronomials and reflexives work in the same way. The definition has a few examples of how the verb is used.

After you have read and reviewed the dictionary entry and reference page, if you still have one or more questions, be sure to post them here in the forum and someone will surely try to answer them for you.

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Please note that using the verb pronominally changes the meaning of the verb

It is only when used pronominally that the verb has the connotation of escoger (to choose).

Also note (see dictionary, picture not complete) that though pedirse or any other verb with a se attached is often called a "reflexive" verb that there is no reflexive use depicted for this verb (only pronominal) See reference in other reply on reflexive verbs or verbs being used reflexively. Contrast this with a verb like llamar that has both a pronominal and a reflexive use listed. llamar


alt text

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Hope it helps!

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