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Hey, I recently got a Hero, one of the google android phones. Does anyone else have one or know of some good apps for encouraging Spanish? I don't mind paying a couple of dollars for it as long as it comes recommended!


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SpanishDict has a free Android app. Check out http://www.spanishdict.com/android

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I don't have an Android, but I did a bit of research and I did fine one thing. Check this out.

  • Thanks! I checked it out and when I have more time I'll take a better look. - Sihara Apr 22, 2010 flag
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For a dictionary I use Star Translate. It's good for me because it has options for any language, so I can use it for languages other than Spanish.

If I need something more advanced I use the mobile SpanishDict. Obviously that gives me the great info that their dictionary has (plus a great look) but I have to use the browser for it so it takes longer to load.

I use AnySoftKeyboard because it's easy to switch from the English to Spanish keyboard. The con with it is its limited dictionary. It doesn't recognize longer or less common words, so if I type deprimida, it just gives up after a few letters.

Other than that, I haven't found any apps (yet) that help me tremendously, but I'll keep looking.

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Hola, I am using a droid x running android 2.2. I find the internet most useful. This website and aboutspanish.com. I found a few cool things in the market though, if you do a search in the marketplace, I like the spanish class appliction (it has the chalkboard icon that sais hola on it), the grammar excercises are a lot of fun. I found a good translator too, it is called spanish translator, the icon has a red a green and a blue person drawn on a white background (always double check translations). It is the best machine translator I've tried so far. If you dont have spanishdict already you can search spanishdict, that has a fun wordgame, be prepared for the dictionary to fill up your music player with a thousand one second songs wink. I made a playlist called el alfabeto wink. Filling up the music player is no big deal, you have the search button. I believe 2.2 should be available for your phone, check under settings, about phone, system updates. Also there are hangman games that can be set to spanish. Todo recetas and supermercado are two good applications if you like to read spanish and follow new recipes. I dont use any electronic dictionaries on my phone other than what is available on the internet, I don't want to fill my music player with 10,000 songs wink. I do read the comments before downloading those apps., a lot of 'em are junk, but I like the ones I mentioned. Have fun, Amor y paz

  • "Spanish class" was helpfull,, very nice,, I use the translator app aswell ^_^ - lilwar_id Jul 12, 2011 flag
  • Well, as long as you don't use the translator in the game threads here, you will stay out of trouble :)@ - EL_MAG0 Jul 12, 2011 flag
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I just downloaded "Free Spanish Verb Practice" by jeffrey rosko on my android ... seems good so far

  • I usually just use what is available on the internet :). I think the wordrefference "app" is not much more than a shortcut to wordrefference.com that links to advertisements as well. Forget the app. I made my own bookbark and placed icon on homescreen. - EL_MAG0 Jul 12, 2011 flag
  • You are right, I use *Bookmarks* as well. However, applications have ofline featurs too :P ...for those without data plans - lilwar_id Jul 12, 2011 flag
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spanish 101 is doing me wonders,, this app pops up with a word every time you turn on your phone. it has many ways to set it like how long the word stays up and what word list it goes thru. beleve the free version has one list but is compatible with other free downloads by the same guy, ...I think...(not sure have not loaded others yet) .has som games and other stuffs that come with it as well

  • "I give it 5 stars when it works,, I hack my galaxy S constantly and at one point it was the only thing on my phone not working. but after a new software install and some other tech stuff's added to my phone its back working .... So not sure if it was my - lilwar_id Jul 12, 2011 flag
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Wow, this got a legendary question (1,000) views, but only 1 answer! I think there are lots of people who are looking for Spanish apps.

So here's an idea.

I'm going to keep trying out new Apps and letting y'all know the pros and cons of each one I try. I can't keep them forever because my phone is limited in space. (Until I get Android 2.2 that is. Hopefully soon.)

If you have any ideas where I should start, let me know.

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I just typed in

android 2.2 spanish apps

into Google ... and guess what question

This post is already second from the TOP!!! By the time I finish typing, you will have made it to the number one spot on Google ... so ... how does it feel to be the leader of the pack in the mobile age ...

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I have just tried the spanishdict on my Ipod but it is sooooooooo slooooooooow , discouraged me from keeping it on my Ipod :(

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Give it a try to Learn2Speak Spanish app: https://play.google.com/store/search?q=learn2speak+spanish+unit

First unit is free. Those guys are publishing new units soon.

It requieres android 2.2.

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I have about 20 Spanish apps on my phone, some of which see much more use than others. I'll share a few, and then give my top-pic at the end.

Some really good ones are Multi-language-Dictionary, Diccionarios, Google Translate, and Bablefish.

Also OK are Spanish Droid, Spanish Verbs, and Talking Translator Pro.

I keep one row of four on the screen for apps that are especially useful (though they take up more space) because they store much of the data locally, and don't fail you everytime your connection quality does.

These include SpanishDict (reduced functionality, but useful still) Idiomax Translator Offline Dictionary 4001 Verbs

BY FAR my FAVORITE, is 4001 Verbs. Even the basic free version is great, and for a couple bucks, you get a lot more verbs and features. It's like have a nearly 10x larger 501Verbs book at your fingertips. I rate it very highly for user interface (simple, but very fast and effective) and functionality (can search for the verb in English or Spanish, and, Conjugated or Infinitive, all just by typing - no separate modes or screens to switch) and for content (that's a lot of verbs)

Oh, and especially appropriate for this site, it does Spanish and English (can't vouch the latter, as I never use that half)

I have lot of cool generic apps, computer geek apps, racing apps, engineering apps, and language apps in various languages, and 4001 verbs is hands down, the best one I own.

A lot of other reference works apps could learn from these guys. Author of app is listed as Panidom.

hth Roger

p.s. Note to the Spanish Dict folks. If your app would let me access the flashcards, both mine, and others', it would be MUCH more useful. Great on the go study tool. Hope that happens one day.

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here are my all time favs for android:

spanish dict for reference: http://www.spanishdict.com/android

spanish game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lingorami.spanish&hl=en

spanish flashcard app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.duolingo

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  • Thanks for those, and welcome! Ray is right - filling out your profile is really helpful to all of us, including you! :) - Findy Jul 28, 2013 flag
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Here are a couple:


My Spanish Travel Phrases


My Spanish PhraseBook

I like these, very simple to use and the icons are a nice touch. Lot's of good phrases in both.

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This combo (verb browser and trainer) has helped me a lot with getting my irregular verbs straight:

verb browser verb trainer

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i know just spanishdict app in the store and its useless

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