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Can you please give me the meaning of bicho?

  • Now that you've edited your question I can see that you checked the dictionary. - --Mariana-- Mar 5, 2010 flag

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I think it's a bug, but here in Asturias it seems to be used as an affectionate insult, if that makes sense.

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Vates, we do not appreciate these kind of rude comments on this site:

Of course I'd check the dictionary before asking a question here... Your answers are irrelevant and it's obvious you have not understood what my question is. I know bicho means creature etc, I asked if it means something more when applied to an animal - Vates

We do not consider any answer on this site irrelevant, if you please. Anybody who takes the time to answer a question here is welcome and appreciated.

If you think you cannot be appreciative, you must find a better place to ask your questions.

Marianne, I am sorry somebody flagged your answer. I hope it was not vates himself. I would consider that extremely rude. mad

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According to the dictionary it means "beast, animal, bug, creature, etc."

For Puerto Ricans it may mean something totally different!

  • It wasn't obvious that you checked the dictionary until you edited your question to say that you did. - --Mariana-- Mar 5, 2010 flag
  • Yeah... I'm Puerto Rican and love to watch little kid shows or stuff like that from Mexico just to hear them say "MIRA AL BICHO!" or something. Just to laugh. I'll end this useless comment now, glad OP got the answer (: - maddiekinzzz May 11, 2010 flag
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It is my understanding that Bicho is a female dog in the breeding years. I might be all wet so will wait for some more informed people to put in their 2 cents worth.

  • That's an odd one. I could be wrong, but I certainly have never heard this use, and somehow find it very unlikely. - Gekkosan Mar 5, 2010 flag
  • No, that's totally incorrect (that's Spanglish!). A female dog is "perra" (which may or may not be used as a bad word... for veterinarians [like my father was], or dog breeders, it's a common term) - Mithrandir Oct 26, 2011 flag
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Well... after reading this I'm gonna try to not give you one "irrelevant answer"... (nothing is irrevelant when you are learning).

Bicho is a bug, bugs get everywhere and normally people don't like bugs because they are "bad"; bugs eat the vegetables from the fields, they can get everywhere because of their size and they are especially 'sneaky'.

If you call someone a bug is a kind of affective insult like if you say it to a dog or a children: "¡Qué bicho es!" means is bad/sneaky boy but not meanning it in a bad way.


Remember we are all learning, try to consider everything even when it is wrong and learn the right smile

  • nice answer ziz;) - 00494d19 Mar 5, 2010 flag
  • At least in Spain, it can also be used as a term of affection... my wife (who is Spanish) calls me "mi bicho", and our children "mis bichos"... it's kind of like a French person calling somebody "mon petit choux" (my little cabbage) - Mithrandir Oct 26, 2011 flag
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Bicho in Spain, definitely means bug or "critter" (unlike bug in English, it doesn't seem to mean just insects). The title of the Disney movie, "Bugz", was translated as "Bichos" in Spain. However, in Puerto Rico, we've discovered it means something else (it's a slang term for a part of the male anatomy). A funny story: one of my wife's relatives was visiting Puerto Rico, and got a lot of insect bites visiting the Yunque rainforest... afterwards, when he went to a pharmacy to get something for the pain and itching, everybody started laughing when he explained that he had been attacked by many "bichos"! tongue wink

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Bicho means bug smile

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