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My students love this nonsense song from Panama and everyone wants to know if "chacarrón" might have any meaning as a curse word or slang. Most of the song is clearly just sounds strung together, but "chacarrón" is very clearly stated and could be a word specific to the region or the musical genre. My chilean friend, who generally knows all the world's curse words didn't recognize this one.

  • Posted Mar 3, 2010
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I believe that this might be the song that you are referring to Chacarron Macarron

An excerpt from one source

Usually shortened to Chacarron [it] is a hit pseudo-Spanish language song. In slang, macarron means "Tubular powder" (i.e. cocaine) and chacarron means "party."

Of course wiki (note: article lacks citation) has this to say

The song has gained popularity on the Internet because of its nonsense lyrics (which despite sounding vaguely English, are nothing but gibberish, earning him the nickname of "El Mudo" [The Mute]) and odd music video (which contains similar elements to Will Smith's "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" video, and Black Eyed Peas' Hey Mama video), with an excerpt featured on many sites. Andy’s mumbled vocals were originally laid down as a rough skit with a view to writing "proper" lyrics later but because many loved what he had recorded, they decided to keep the original version

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