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Is anyone here familiar with the tree known in Spanish as Quiebra Barriga? Can you tell me if it has an English name?

  • Posted Mar 3, 2010
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Hi there! That plant is also called cajeto or nacedero as you already read! Greetings grin

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Trichanthera gigantea

Vernacular names: Aro blanco, nacedero, rompebarriga (Leonard 1951), nacedero (Tolima), quiebrabarrigo (Antioquia), cajeto (Ocaña), fune, madre de agua (Villavicencio) (Colombia); suiban, cenicero, (Bolivia); tuno (Guatemala); naranjillo (Venezuela); palo de agua (Panama); beque, pau santo (Brasil) (Perez-Arbelaez, 1990).

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When I first read your subject, I thought this was going to be a question about a "belly buster" or some such thing!

However, out of curiosity I did a web search and I did find that this tree is also known as a "nacedero"; you probably already know that... I'm sorry, I could not find any English translation. It did seem to be some sort of a member of the orange family, but - once again - you probably already know that!

I'll be looking forward to reading other answers.

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