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I need to know what a que hora juegas a casa los lunes this means


  • Posted Mar 1, 2010
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It does not make sense.

Perhaps you mean

¿A qué hora llegas a casa los lunes?

Have you tried the translator? It is very good. Click "Translation" at the top of the page.

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At what time do you play at home on Mondays?

  • Wouldn't that be "a qué hora juegas EN casa" ? - Lrtward Mar 1, 2010 flag
  • Sorry, I was confused your 2 posts - Fidalguinho- Mar 1, 2010 flag
  • Fidalgo, I am confused too! When I saw letizia's response I thought surely this was correct (but I think the original post still has a small error; I am not 100% sure) - Lrtward Mar 1, 2010 flag
  • yes I think there's an error in the spanish sentence 'cause it doesn't make sense! - letizia Mar 1, 2010 flag
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¿A qué hora llegas a casa los lunes?

At what time do you go home on Mondays?

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"juegas a casa"

Is clearly, nonsense. However, there are are a number of minor corrections that could be made that would turn it into "real" Spanish. Which is the intended one, is an open question.

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