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Google give the following for these questions:

(1) ¿Tiene antecedentes penales? Does she have a criminal record?

(2) ¿Tiene algún registro de antecedentes penales? Does she have any criminal records?

Can you not say: Tiene algún antecedentes penales? for the second one? Does she have any criminal records?

I'm wondering why they ad the "registro de" just because I changed "a" to "any".



  • Posted Mar 1, 2010
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HI rachel, algún or algunos is not necessary here, he either has a criminal record or not. WE would just say:

¿Tiene antecedentes penales?

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Hi Rachel,

I think your question has to do with idiom, different ways for English and Spanish to express the same thing.

In Spanish a plural noun antecedentes is used to express "record" which is a singular noun in English.

There can never be more than one criminal record per person or one full record in general, which contains all personal criminal records. Therefore "any" could not be used in English since "any" implies a person can have several criminal records.

Because of the use of a plural noun in Spanish, I think it would be correct to speak of "algunos antecedentes criminales".

The "registro de" is probably added to clarify that the question is about a formal recording and not just about incidents in general, whether they are recorded or not. Most people that have a criminal record have committed more offenses than are visible on the record, since not all offenses lead to an arrest. They have to be discovered first... if they are never discovered, they will never be recorded. So a person can also have a history of criminal offenses without even one of them ever being recorded.

Hope this helps you.

Saludos, Chica

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I do not know the proper translations for your sentences, however I do know that 'google' is a machine translator, which it's translations should be taken with a grain of salt. ie it is not always exact or completely accurate, but used more to get a general idea of a translation. Someone else that knows will probably be along shortly to correct your sentences... smile

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Hi Rachel, It is said :

algunos antecedentes penales because algunos has to concur in plural form with antecedentes.

When you say algún you`re making concordance with registro, both singular.

¿Tiene antecedentes penales? Does she have a criminal record? is a good translation.

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Thanks all.

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I need to know if Patrick Budel from Holland has criminals antecedents

  • In English that could mean that you want to know if he has criminal ancestors. - 0074b507 Aug 5, 2010 flag
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