Please post your favorite Spanish jokes! They must be SHORT and EASY TO UNDERSTAND! (About a Spanish 3 level and down.)

There is an open-mic night for the Spanish Honor Society at my school, and I would love some really great jokes (in Spanish)! Thanks in advance!

  • Posted Feb 24, 2010
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  • An English translation in addition to the Spanish version would be great, too! Thanks! - carmen101 Feb 24, 2010

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A Spanish speaking man went into a store to buy some socks. He tried with gestures to get the English speaking sales lady to understand what he needed. She showed him shoes, shoelaces, shoe polish, asked if he needed his pants hemmed. Finally, in exasperation, she went on to help the next customer.

As it so happened, the next customer also needed socks. The sales lady promptly showed him some socks, whereupon the Spanish speaking man exclaimed "¡Eso, sí que es!"

"Well if you knew how to spell it, why didn't you do that in the first place?" asked the sales lady.

  • Feb 24, 2010
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  • hey leslie where is the Spanish joke? lol - juluque Feb 24, 2010
  • I don't know about this one- The word police is watching. - 00769608 Feb 24, 2010


Una amiga mía mexicana me visitó en los EEUU. Su mamá la dijo: En las tiendas, donde se dicen "SALE"... tú entras.

A mexican friend of mine visited me in the USA. Her mom told her: In the stores, if it says "SALE" (leave in Spanish), you go in.

True story.

  • Feb 24, 2010
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  • This one is logical too. - 00769608 Feb 24, 2010


¿en que vuelta se echa el perro? en la útima.

in which turn the dog lays on the floor? in the last one.


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  • It is logical - 00769608 Feb 24, 2010
  • The dog is turning and turning finally he lyes down - 00769608 Feb 24, 2010
  • I have to say it took me a while to get that one, but it is funny once I got it! - EJClaire Feb 24, 2010


un español esta viajando al lado de James Bond en un vueldo de Madrid a New York, su nombre era Manolo.

Manolo no sabe quien es James y decide preguntarle el nombre, a lo que el famoso agente secreto le responde: mi nombre es Bond, James Bond y el atónito español le contesta: yo me llamo Nolo, Ma-Nolo!