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i want to find out what the subjunctive is - and a gerund, for example! where can i find a site that explains the terms in books which never seem to be explained?! language books seem to presume that we all know what these terms are - i don't,,,, george

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I cannot suggest you a book, but for a quick reference you can read about subjunctive and gerund following the links.

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HI Murrawo, we have a lot of proficient English speakers on this site who can surely help you. Open a thread for each grammar term you don'¡t understand:

What is a gerund in English?

What is a participle in English?

One term, one thread, you will soon get very proficient answer.

However, this is a very good forum for these kind of questions.

and this one is the best on the web for English grammar questions.

But, you must try to use correct spelling and capitalization, it is also mandatory on this sitewink

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