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Someone told me that this means "say it to my face" or, "say it while looking at me" but i don't understand the origin or root of the word. Help!

  • Posted Feb 20, 2010
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3 Answers

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di = say/tell (from decir)

me = to me

lo = it/she/he

dimelo = tell it to me (or tell me)

Hope this helps!

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di = say

me = to me

lo = it

Dímelo = say it to me

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But, then, does "say it to me" mean "tell me" ? ....As in, for example, "tell me what you want" or "what you are talking about" or "some-other-'it'" . (...........after the "what you want" or "what you are talking about" is understood and can be replaced by the 'it' pronoun, of course.)

I can imagine a small child excitedly tugging on another's arm wanting to know, perhaps, some secret just whispered by another child. ¡Dimelo! ¡Dimelo!

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