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For my project, I must state one thing that I do in a movie theater. I can only use english on my powerpoint but I have to say the sentence in Spanish. I have, "I drink a soda in the cinema." How do I translate this to Spanish? I translated it on SpanishDict but it gave me soma or bebo or something. I can't use those words cuz we haven't learned those yet. Thankyou.

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Suelo tomar refresco y comer palomitas de maíz mientras ver las películas en el cine.

I usually drink pop y eat popcorn while I watch movies at the theater.

If you can only put English on you PPT project, then why do you want to know how to say something in Spanish?

  • Post a link to your PPT project when you have finished it. I enjoy looking at them. I know a site where you can publish them for free if you need to know. - 0074b507 Feb 20, 2010 flag
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Maybe you could use the sentence structure offered by the translator if it was correct and substitute the correct verb form that you learned in class? It would surprise me if you looked up a word and learned it yourself outside of class that you would be penalized for it.Things must be different from when I was a student.

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Well if you haven't learned "bebir" yet, then it's highly unlikely that you've leraned any word for "to drink" at all.

That seems to have us in a bit of a bind.

If you can only use words you've learned in class, and you haven't learned a word for drink, perhaps you should choose a sentence that doesn't include drinking?

How about you talk to your friend in the cinema? wink

  • They know tomar which can be a verb for drink. The other verb is beber (2nd conj.) - 0074b507 Feb 20, 2010 flag
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Tomo un refresco cuando voy al cine - I dink a soda when I go to the movies

Hablo con mis amigos cuando voy al cine - I talk to my friends when I go to the movies

Miro una pelicula cuando voy al cine - I see a movie when I go to the theater

Hope this helps - good luck with the ppt!

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