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I am wondering how to say "I am fine, but a little tired", when someone asks "how are you". The machine translations used "'soy", so I know those were very wrong. I don't really know if using "pero" exactly like I would use "but" works in Spanish. Trying to keep it simple!!

  • Posted Feb 20, 2010
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4 Answers

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Estoy bien, pero un poco cansado is a good way to answer.

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Yes, in this case you can use "pero" just like "but" in English.

Estoy bien, pero un poquito cansado.

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Estoy bien pero un poco de sueño, Sueño meaning that you are tired in a sleepy sort of way but if you are tired out because you have been working hard or such like then you would say cansado.

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And if don't want to use "but," you can say, Estoy bien, sólo un poco cansado

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