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En inglés tenemos la palabra "nice". Ella es una palabra muy útil - podemos decir "Nice car", "Nice shot", "Nice day", "Nice guy", etc etc. Hay una palabra como "nice" en español, o hay muchas palabras diferentes para contextos diferentes?

  • Posted Feb 18, 2010
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I think the best fit for your example would be "bueno".

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Agradable- but you could have easily found that in the translater along with audio.

  • "agradable" only means nice in terms of "pleasant" but you wouldn't say "un carro agradable" you'd say "un carro bonito" - alba3 Feb 18, 2010 flag
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There's not a one-word translation for nice but different words depending on the context. Look up "nice" in the dictionary on this site and it has many examples.

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Here's the dictionary translation.

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