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Does "principal azul" have meaning more than a blue principal?

  • Posted Feb 18, 2010
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4 Answers

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If you mean "principe azul" then it is the English equivalent to "knight in shining armor". The whole "dream guy" ideal. If not, then I don't think it has any meaning other than the one you have.

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I suspect that you mean "príncipe azul". This term gets tossed around on Spanish language TV "reality" shows (similar to "The most Eligible Bachelor" [or whatever it is in English]) and carries the same overtones as "shining knight" or "dream prince".

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principal azul does not make sense to me. Can you give us more context?

Principal Blue seems to be a Place or a trademark.

Unless you mean el príncipe azul = the blue prince

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Principal azul = Mainly (or mostly) blue

Hope this helps...welcome to the forum!

  • i´m curious. do you have context for that? - mediterrunio Feb 18, 2010 flag
  • Not in context, the words principal (mostly, foremost) and azul (blue) are pretty straight-forward - renaerules Feb 18, 2010 flag
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