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Does "neta" have a bad slang meaning? The native speakers in 8th grade seem to think it does!

  • Posted Feb 18, 2010
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I am from Mexico city, it is a word that is used a lot in the south of mexico. It is a slang word used by the youth. I thought the first examples given in the forum were really good. I think Neta comes from Neto, and Neto is whole. So you can see labels on cans that say: contenido neto 3,5 litros. Which means the can in total has 3.5 liters.

Since it means whole, I think from there its meaning to whole truth was derived. So if someone said: I just killed a cat!==Mate a un gato! the other person might say:Really? ==neta? "Really" here is used as: " is what you are saying me true, is it ALL true? SO neta is used as is it all true? It has a connection with truth. That is why, you can also say things like: La neta te amo!==The truth is, I loove you.

When you use neta for a person: " Eres la neta" or Pedro es la neta

It is like they said above: You rock! I think it works like when you say, you are the whole shebang! That person has everything, he or she is awesome! es la neta!

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  • Neto means net, not whole, I think there's a lot of assumption going on in your response! - despayre Apr 25, 2014 flag
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Hi welcome to the forum!

La neta does not have a bad connotation at all. Yes, Benz, it is slang.

la neta = the truth (or more accurately "the nature of things" it also has the connotation of, "that is the way life is")

It is very commonly used among Mexicans. Besides the way Benz describes its usage it is also use in exchange for "la verdad" more frequently than any other usage. I have first hand knowledge because I have many Mexican friends and they use it quite frequently in everyday language and have me in the habit of using it as well!

An example sentence would be:

(You could say) Eres un poco dificil manejar. (And the person would reply) Si! Es la neta!

You are a little difficult to deal with. Yep! That's the truth!

Hope this helps!

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First time I hear this word. Seems to be mexican. It's slang and it doesn't mean anything bad.

Sometimes it means Is it true?, really? the truth...


A: Voy a ir a bucear este fin de semana! I'm going diving this weekend

B: Neto, neto?! Really? Are you going??

A: Si, en serio, ¿quieres venir? Yes, do you wanna come?

And a second meaning is:

Tu eres la neta= You rock!/you're great!

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o tambien decimos en argentina, posta! o es la posta! meaning is the truth

  • La posta...interesante. En ingles puedes decir, "It's on purpose". - renaerules Feb 18, 2010 flag
  • Right!! Tengo la posta!! se me escapó esa... - Benz Feb 18, 2010 flag
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I have a question about the word Ñeta.

I know it the name of an originally Puerto Rican gang, but I really have no idea where the word comes from.

Could it be short for something, like puñeta (a curse word in Puerto Rico)?

Thanks in advance!

  • It does in Puerto Rico. I have sent you a pm. - rac1 Apr 25, 2014 flag
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"For real?!" is the only slang I can find by searching the internet. Hopefully a native speaker can help more smile

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Hi gdal2, welcome to the forum.

"Neta" is a very common word used among mexicans. I am from Colombia and we do not use it. I have heard it a lot in the US. They say things like: "neta buey", but it is not really a bad word.

I know that we have in the forum a lot of participants that can tell us more about the real meaning of this slang spanish word.

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An example sentence would be:

(You could say) Eres un poco dificil manejar. (And the person would reply) Si! Es la neta!

You are a little difficult to deal with. Yep! That's the truth!

You know Rena... In Argentina we say "Es la pura" instead of "Es la neta" meaning "Es la pura verdad" smile

  • Que interesante! Me fascina aprender la matiz de una lengua. - renaerules Feb 18, 2010 flag
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There's a popular and vulgar rhyme that uses "neta", however I can't write it right here.

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You guys are right, I'm Mexican and when I was young we used it a lot, I believe all over Mexcio, there is one only thing I can add.

If you say "Mi amigo es neta", "Pedro es neta"

That means my friend or Pedro are persons you can trust on, they can be faithful and trust worthy


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I watched a You tube video and this word was included with other colloquial expressions used in Mexico mainly by young adults. It seems to be synonymous with ¿de verdad? when someone says something, especially when it is surprising news. Hope that helps.

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neta in some tex mex means idiot

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respect your question bad like what? neta is like "Really?" , but you have to put the feeling (neeta?) , other word that comes to my mind right now is NO MANCHES , with the same meaning "Really?" , also the whole thruth , ill teach you dont worry , but before i wanna say on the other hand "neta" AIN`T VULGAR ,believe me is just a word the youngest and even old person uses , i come from mexico; being more specific i come from the capital DF , a phonological variant of the word is neto( is the same but sounds coolest)

COMMON , very common between us but is more normal the people say "no manches "however, i dont use it often(neta)cause NO Manches gives the meaning of very very surprise,a suddenly surprise,and is the word i use a lot aaannnd neta sounds such you`re a child,a teen

examples A guy1 : Olivia la neta me gustas(is a good way to say someone you like her/him) Olivia: no manches!! , neta? ( a combinated form !,mm , in this case neto would sounds odd, is more usual among men

Lastly being "La neta" is something that someone appreciates, for ex.between nerds: es la neta saber de física cuántica , or between girls: es la neta tener un novio que no manches or between guys like you and me mm.. were talking about who drank too much beer yesterday , i did , you could say now:carnal , tu eres la neta , i aint know if i explain this in a good way, good luck man

i`m 17

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Ups accidentally i posted 3 Times , i`m sorry indeed

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Neta = en serio, de verdad, sí?, sí, pues sí, a poco?, etc

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