¿Qué significa "con el mundo como va se nos acaba todo"?

Hay algo que no puedo entender, solamente comprendo "...as the world goes... everything ends for us." No entiendo cómo traducir "con" y "se".


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I have learned little by little as I have understood Spanish that you cannot do word for word translation or you will not have a coherent sentence. It just takes getting to know the language a little better and understanding how it flows. I, by no means know everything! I am still learning and plan on it for the next 20 years! It seems the more you learn the more you realize how little you know. Just lately the translation process without going word for word has become easier for me. These are some of my thinking process' when translating this:

"Con el mundo como va se nos acaba todo."

"Con el mundo..with the world..como va...like it goes (or how it is going) se nos acaba..it we finish (or we finish it) todo....all/everything/completely "

Now put it together:

With the world how it is going we finish it all

Now it has to be put into an English-style sentence structure

We finish it all, this world, how it is going

Now polish it to make sense:

We will bring this world to an end the way things are going

I hope this helps you understand things a little better. Let me know if you need clarification. There are also quite a few great people on this forum that can help you out with this, so if I am missing anything they will be sure to comment, so watch this thread the next couple days!

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"Con el mundo como va se nos acaba todo." = We will bring this world to an end the way things are going.

con = with

se = it (it in this case...it can also mean he, she, they)

Con (with) el (the) mundo (world) como (like or how) va (he/he/it goes) se (he/she/it/they) nos (we) acaba (it finishes/it is done) todo (everything/all).

Hope this helps and welcome to the forum!

  • could you comment a bit on how the grammar works in this sentence... especially with "con" and "se"... thanks in advance! - Neago Feb 17, 2010


acabarse...one of the pronominal uses of se is to express completeness which could be how it it being used here.


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