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Please tell me what !Mola Mazo! could mean? I'm pretty sure it doesn't mean a grinding hammer in the context - ie. describing a romantic song on video. Thanks!!

  • Posted Feb 16, 2010
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"Mola mazo" means that something is "very cool" in coloquial languaje. Mola: when something is very cool, its nice to see or you enjoy it. Mazo: its a form to say that something is "a lot". Mazo, montón are synonyms.

  • genial tu respuesta, bienvenido al foro:) - 00494d19 Feb 17, 2010 flag
  • Cool Zizoun! Where is that expression used? I had never heard it before! - Gekkosan May 5, 2010 flag
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Yeah I just heard that as well.

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Es correcta ,pero se usa entre gente joven y muy de barrio, tiene connotaciones negativas entre ciertos grupos sociales. Como madrilena, la usaba a menudo con mis 'colegas' otra palabra que se usa mucho en España, pero no la hubiera usado en mi trabajo nunca. Mi madre por ejemplo nunca usaría esa expresion.

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I am curious about what areas or countries use that expression?

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Yeah I hear it in Spain TV shows only, none of my Mexican friends had heard it. Also, I wonder where Zizoun went? I haven't seen in him in forever.

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Mola mazo o me mola mazo, los españoles se utilizan para expresar "me gusta" o "qué guay".

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