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i know that the ellos ellas ustedes form is dieron, right? but what is the yo form, the nosotros form, and the tu form?

  • Posted Feb 16, 2010
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Do you want the imperfect or preterit?

dieron is preterit.

We have an excellent verb conjugator on this site, under the "more" tab.


Yo di Tú diste Él dio Nosotros dimos Vosotros disteis Ellos dieron


Yo daba Tú dabas Él daba Nosotros dábamos Vosotros dabais Ellos daban

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HI azman, welcomegrin

Have you seen the conjugator yet? it will also help you with other verbs.


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Click "More" at the top of the page and then "Conjugate" and you can get a complete conjugation of any verb you like. It's great!

Welcome to SpanishDict!

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Daba, Dabas, Daba, Dábamos, Daban.

  • Daba,daba,doo, sorry about that but couldn't resist that bit of frivolity, he he. - kenwilliams Feb 16, 2010 flag
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Oh yeah, i just noticed that you were asking about the preterite and or the imperfect, so since i already gave you the imperfect I'll give you the preterite. Di, Diste, Dio, Dimos, Dieron

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