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gracias a todos por las respuestas anteriores -- ahora les tengo una comica:

calzon de osnaburgo

...que significa?

  • Posted Feb 14, 2010
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3 Answers

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Calzón ~ Male underwear, more like a boxer.

The speedos are usually called "calzoncillos"

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Allá en el rancho grande, allá donde vivía. Había una rancherita que alegre me decía, que alegre me decía. Te voy a hacer tus calzones como los que usa el ranchero. Te los comienso de lana, te los acabo de cuero.

  • si Julian, conozco esta canción pero que significa cuando son de ozburgo? - bellamora08 Feb 15, 2010 flag
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You should probably google Ozburgo. What will that be in English or in the language of whatever country the town is in?

Wherever it is, the town was probably famous for "calzones" in the 18th century....We speak of Sheffield furniture, of Solingen knives, - at one time, Augsburg armor was prized....etc.. because the place became famous for the particular product. And so it may be with the calzon in question. It probably was made in and prized for having been made in Ozburg.

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