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How do you say St. Patrick's day in Spanish? Also, is this holiday celebrated in any Spanish-speaking countries?

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"St. Patrick's Day" is "El día de Santo Patricio."

Since it's an Irish celebration, I've never heard of it celebrated in any Spanish-speaking countries. (Other members may know better).

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Mexico celebrates Saint Patrick's Day, at least to some degree.

The Mexicans hold the Irish in very high regard. They honor Los San Patricios...a group of Irish Americans who deserted the American Army and went to Mexico during the Mexican-American War in the 1840s. They called themselves the St. Patrick's Battalion (in Spanish, the San Patricios). They fought for Mexico under the flag of "Los San Patricios" and were made citizens of Mexico; however, many were killed and the rest were captured when the Americans won the war. Some were subsequently executed as American Army deserters.

They are honored in Mexico on September 12, the day of the executions and on Saint Patrick's Day.

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"El día de San Patricio"

Many people in Argentina use it as an excuse to get drunk drinking a lot of beer.

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I think this "holiday" is more Irish-American than Irish.

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I was in Mexico on St. Patrick's Day one year. I didn't see any decorations, posters, people dressed up, or any other intimations that they celebrate it. (My girlfriend and I, however, looked ridiculous in our green outfits!)

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