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i would like to no how to say a lot of words in spanish but every website there are different words and its confusing me so do you know of any websites that has the word you can look up and the audio so i no im saying it right and the fastest word i need to no is hater smile thanks for taking the time to read this. Danielle

  • Posted Feb 11, 2010
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the thing is, in spanish we don't use any of those words to say this person is a hater, even if there are words to express that idea it is not used, we rather will discribe the person as: persona que odia, i believe this form would be more efficient to translate the concept.

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Look under rencoroso also

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another way is Odioso (odio = hate - odiar= to hate)

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Welcome to SpanishDict, cutie! grin There's a couple of good answers here about your word 'hater' but regarding your other question:

do you know of any websites that has the word you can look up and the audio so I know I'm saying it right

This site has a Dictionary (click this link to see it) which also pronounces words. After looking up a word, like odiar, then click on the little speaker icon next to the word to hear how it is pronounced.

I hope that helps, and we look forward to learning along with you! smile

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hater= El odioso= nickname (only in this situation)

él es odioso= he is hateful

  • But "hater" and "hateful" have quite different meanings. - samdie Feb 11, 2010 flag
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It would be helpful to know what your native language (your profile gives no indication). The phrasing of your question suggests that it is not English. Obviously, if it's something like Urdu, Laplandes (or whatever they speak) or Aleutian, we probably don't have a member who can directly address your question in your native language.

Perhaps you can find someone who can help you translate your question into either English of Spanish.

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