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I am just trying to learn how to say " I know " like I know where cuba is or I know how to do the assignment

  • Posted Feb 11, 2010
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4 Answers

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Yo sé (it is the more generic way)

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Just to expand a bit:

  • If you are affirming to somebody that you know about something they have just said to you, you would normally say 'lo sé' (lit: 'i know it')
  • If you are combining the verb saber (to know) with another verb to create the idea of knowing HOW to do something, you do not need the conjunction 'como' ('how') between the two verbs. E.G. 'Sabes hacerlo' = 'you know how to do it'.
  • If you are conveying the idea of knowing somebody or somewhere, you use the verb Conocer instead of Saber ('la conozco' = 'i know her').

Hope this helps.

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....and then one day you'll need to use yo conozco

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Ya lo sé = I already know that ... sort of like in English.."Yeah I know..."

César ha comprado otro saxo, un alto. Ya lo sé, el necesitaba para su grupo nuevo

César has bought another sax, an alto. Yeah I know, he needed it for his new group

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