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What does ¿Cómo no? mean ?

  • Posted Feb 10, 2010
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a: No voy a la fiesta (I'm not going to the party)

b: ¿Cómo no?!! (Why not? / What do you mean you're not going?)


a: ¿Te gustaría ir al cine? (Would you like to go to the cinema?)

b: Cómo no!! (Of course I would)


a: ¿Cómo no te gusta el chocolate? (How come you don't like chocolate?)

b: Oh! It's too sweet for me...

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You mean like: ¡Sí! ¿Cómo no?

Then it would be for when we say in English: Sure! Why not? smile

  • The 'Sí' doesn't have to be explicit: you could also take the '¡¿Cómo no?!' as a 'How could I nót?!' :) - Suzanne_Romi Mar 27, 2016 flag
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It can also be used as sarcasm.

Arrested person: Soy inocente! (I am innocent)

Police Man: Como no! (Of course you are)

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Hi Thaibean

Try putting it in the "Translator" and see what you get.

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"Como no" can also actually mean "of course". I had heard the phrase a few times before knowing it meant that, and man, how misleading. :p

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Yes. You often hear waiters saying it after you've ordered, as a way of saying 'certainly'.

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Of course. Yes.

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It means "Why not?" in that context. As in "Sure, why not?" (Sí, ¿como no?).

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